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ProNet Press

ProNetwork News is the latest value-added resource produced by a/e ProNet. Each monthly edition includes an informative, timely article relevant to the design industry and authored by an industry expert. Contact your a/e ProNet broker for early access to these excellent newsletters. Read More

  • Insurance 101 for Design Professionals
    Insurance 101 for Design Professionals

    Insurance for Design Professionals is our specialty. This quick reference guide will empower you to make responsible, pragmatic, and affordable choices regarding your firm's insurance coverage. Read More

  • The ProNet Blog
    The ProNet Blog

    The ProNet Blog is the easiest way to keep track of all the excellent resources offered by a/e ProNet. Here we announce newsletters, guest essays, scholarship deadlines, as well as projects completed and awards won by our fantastic clients! Read More

  • ProNet Guest Essays
    ProNet Guest Essays

    A review of the recent decision by the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals which precludes a project owner from seeking indemnity from its architect based upon the failure of the architect's design to meet the accessibility requirements for the disabled as imposed by FHA and ADA. Read More

  • ProNet Press
    ProNet Press

    ProNetwork News is the latest value-added resource produced by a/e ProNet. Each monthly edition includes an informative, timely article relevant to the design industry and authored by an industry expert. Contact your a/e ProNet broker for early access to these excellent newsletters. Read More


Professional Liability Insurance Providers for Architects and Engineers in the U.S. and U.K.

What sets a/e ProNet brokers apart from the rest is our relationship with the leading professional liability insurance providers. As independent brokers, we are not restricted by quotas and obligations dictated by any one insurance company, and are therefore free to represent the best interests of our clients.

a/eProNet was founded in 1988 in order to establish an independent source of professional liability insurance information for architects, engineers, consultants, and design professionals. Today, with member offices across the U.S. and in the U.K., we offer knowledge, expertise and a team that understands your business.

If you have an a/e ProNet broker, you have the power and experience of our whole organization operating on your behalf at every renewal.

"Your broker can be as important to the management of your practice as your accountant or your attorney."
- David W. Lakamp, Founding Member

Latest News

    • Demanding General Contractors and How to Meet Them Halfway

      Some of the most frequently asked questions we hear are triggered by the disparities between the insurance coverage available to design professionals and the demands made for coverage by general contractors and their standard contracts. This is a nuanced area, and you should call your local a/e ProNet broker if you have Read more →

    • Certificates of Insurance: Why You Can’t Always Have It Your Way

      Design professionals are often asked by their clients to sign contracts that include comprehensive—sometimes unreasonable—insurance requirements and indemnification terms.  These are usually drafted with the goal of protecting owners, clients, contractors, or other project participants.  But how does this work when the required coverages aren’t found in the commercial insurance Read more →

    • Farm-to-Table Community–The Cannery–Wins Gold Nugget Award

      The Cannery–a master-planned, “farm-to-table” community in Davis, California featuring neighborhoods joined by beautiful sets of trails and bike paths–has received the Gold Nugget Award for the Best Residential Housing Community of the Year. Congratulations to a/e ProNet client Jeffrey DeMure + Associates, an integral part of the outstanding team of design professionals Read more →

  • a/e ProNet Offers More Than Professional Liability Insurance

    a/e ProNet brokers offer much more than professional liability insurance (E&O Insurance) placement for architects, engineers, consultants, and design professionals. We negotiate on your behalf for low premiums and broad coverage. In addition we offer numerous client services, including the following:

    • Risk Management Assistance: This includes a thorough review of your company’s practices to identify potential exposure. We also provide extensive risk management resources published by a/e ProNet, as well as those offered by specialized insurance programs catering to design professionals. Among the publications and resources offered on our website are our ProNet Practice Notes, ProNet Guest Essays, and ProNetwork Newsletters.
    • Property and Casualty Insurance Programs: Insuring your business is necessary and complex, but we try to make the process straight-forward. We offer access to exemplary property and casualty insurance programs to address the needs of architects, engineers, and other design professionals and consultants. These include Business Owners Policies (Commercial General Liability Insurance and Business Property Insurance), Umbrella Liability Insurance, Commercial Auto Liability Insurance, Employment Practices Liability Insurance, Workers’ Compensation, and much more.
    • Loss Prevention Practices Seminars: These seminars may be conducted in-house or offered on a regional basis for you and your employees. Seminars provide excellent opportunities to identify and discuss areas of your practice that expose you to unnecessary risk. The seminars and publications we provide are meant to help you reduce and/or eliminate that risk.
    • Contract Review: Along with connecting your firm with contract review services available from insurance companies, most a/e ProNet brokers provide this invaluable service directly. Contracts often contain provisions that significantly affect the liability of your firm. We review your contracts and work with you to eliminate or modify uninsurable provisions.
    • Claims Assistance: In the event of a claim involving your firm, we will help you understand what to expect from the process. a/e ProNet brokers also have relationships with a/e specialist attorneys, and we can advise you in the selection of counsel. Remember that the best way to prepare for any claim is by properly insuring your firm beforehand.
    • Premium Financing: Many premium finance companies are eager to do business with a/e ProNet members, so we are able to negotiate highly competitive financing terms for our clients.
    • Certificates of Insurance: We understand the insurance requirements design professionals are faced with in almost every professional services agreement, and we understand the importance of issuing certificates promptly and efficiently.

    We are specialists in our field and we work hard to make your life easier.

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    • guidelines for developing your firms quality control manual
    • reporting claims and potential claims under professional liability insurance policies
    • risk-management for design professionals in a world of change
    • risk management contract guide for design professionals
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